I strive to create four pillars in every product I help design, namely: Consistency, credibility, relevance and engagement. Often, I join a production in the ideation or concept phase and help develop and sustain the creative vision throughout the production and into live-ops - taking part in both practical, tactical and strategical challenges.

Both as a craftsman and as a person, I have a strong drive to create ethically sound products, which respects the user and offers the world new, innovative and relevant experiences - something which I strongly believe to be a stepping stone, rather than a hindrance on the road towards creating marketable products.

The Practical - "What?"

During any step of a production, I work hands-on in collaboration with artists, programmers and other designers to solve the concrete challenges at hand and answer the everyday question of "What?" and "How?". I work with anything from creating pitch presentations and delivering pitches during a concept phase to creating screen flows and FtP monetization diagrams in pre-production or diving into Unity during production to help align the user experience with the creative vision.

  • UI & UX Design
  • Digital & Analog Design
  • Unity Experience

The Tactical - "When?"

Working closely with producers and project managers - often as the Creative Lead - I'm used to taking part in planning and in defining the creative process to prioritize what is ‘must-have’ vs. ‘nice-to-have’ and help answer the ever-recurring question of “When?”. All this in order to ensure that together we deliver the best design and product possible within scope. In most projects I've worked on over the last 10 years, we've used some variant of the SCRUM agile development process.

  • Creative Team Lead
  • SCRUM & Agile Development
  • Project Management

The Strategical - "Why?"

Working with concept design and vision development, I usually engage with clients and stakeholders on a regular basis, taking on the role as the creative design lead. This often involves me working to sustain and manage the vision from first idea to launch within a production team, while also taking a place in the front line, during pitching and gate reviews to make sure that all stakeholders are aligned with the project’s high level vision and the answers to the all-important question of “Why?”.

  • Concept & Vision Design
  • Presentation & Communication
  • Monetization & KPI's


"At Funday, Anders has worked as a game designer & creative lead on some of Funday's largest productions, where he has used his extensive knowledge in world building, story writing and play design to create outstanding game experiences.

With his impressive knowledge of games and game mechanics, he has proved to be able to pick and chose between directions and possibilities, while knowing when to kill a darling. On a team, it comes naturally to Anders to take on a leading role and uphold the vision throughout a production, which boosts morale and keeps up high ambitions."

Kristian Bang Nørgaard - CEO @ Funday Games