Three main areas of expertise - Game design, play design & worldbuilding - form the "Tri-force" of my experience and competences. On every project I've been involved in - from short term concept development to full-scale, year long productions with live-ops - my involvement have always laid within this Tri-force. On some projects, I've focused on a single area, whereas my role on other projects have required me to work broadly - for instance, when tasked with creating an entire product vision for a game and original IP - from gameplay, across monetization to storyworld and narrative.

Below, I've outlined my experiences and main competences within each part of this Tri-force.

Game Design

As a Game Designer, I work with both digital and analog game design. Originally, I focused on designing core gameplay - be it second-to-second or session-to-session. However, having worked for several years in the mobile free-to-play sphere has offered me the chance to work with meta game and monetization design on large scale productions. This includes concept and vision design paired with strategic product development in terms of market placement, games as a service, user motivation, retention mechanics and KPIs.

  • Mobile Game Design
  • FtP Monetization
  • Board & Trading Card Game Design
  • Gamification

Play Experience Design

Although related to games, there is a distinct difference between ‘game’ and ‘play’ experiences - with the latter being more free, creative, unhindered and not in the same way governed by rules, right and wrong. On a number of projects, I've worked with play experience design - be it merging digital and physical play in “toys-to-life” design together with LEGO or designing real world play experiences for tourist attractions, like the alternate reality experience ‘Noorhjem’.

  • Merging Digital & Physical Play
  • Real World Experience Design
  • Toys-to-Life
  • Roleplaying


Worldbuilding is a formidable way of creating cross-platform IP foundations for new products. By creating a fictional world with its own internal logic, you create a tool for designers to create consistent and credible products regardless of the product platform. I’ve used this technique to create the fictional world of my debut novel, in the creation of ‘Noorhjem’ which spanned 30+ real world tourist attractions and when working on Chaotic - a top selling TCG in more than 15 countries, with 70+ TV episodes shown in the US.

  • IP Development
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Storytelling & Writing
  • IP Guardian


"Due to his vast experience in gameplay and design, Anders was one of the team members tasked with the creation and further development of unique game design for the popular Chaotic Trading Card Game.

Anders is an extremely thorough and organized individual, who can meet the stringent demands of very tight deadlines. He is a self propelled and very responsible employee, who is capable of being a team player despite his remote work location outside of the country.

I highly recommend Anders for any content creation or game design position."

Rob Robbers - VP of Development @ TC Digital